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Electroless Nickel, Mid-Phosphorus
Mil-C-26074, AMS-2404, RoHS compliant • All Coatings are FDA Approved and RoHS Compliant

Micro Plating Medium Phosphorus Electroless Nickel is an alloy of 6-9% Phosphorus in nickel and is specified wherever a uniform, hard and moderately corrosion resistant coating is required. Its high hardness and bright deposit make it an ideal barrier coating for components needing wear resistance and a bright cosmetic appearance at a competitive price. The as-plated hardness of Mid-phosphorus electroless nickel is approximately 54-56 Rc and can be heat treated to 65-68 Rc for a more wear resistant finish. This coating is also slightly magnetic.


This coating enjoys the same uniform deposit properties as our High-Phosphorus EN. Wherever the solution touches the part, deposition will occur, with no edge build-up, misses or burns normally associated with electroplating. Because the coating is deposited chemically rather than with electricity no expensive anodes, jigs or special racks are required. Often times the actual thickness required can be reduced verses electroplating thereby saving metal costs.


Mid-phosphorus electroless nickel coatings of .001" (1 Mil) thickness provide 96+ hours of corrosion protection when tested in accordance with ASTM B-656 and are recommended where a bright finish and moderate corrosion protection is required. With a microcrystalline structure, mid-phosphorus electroless nickel will not provide the same corrosion protection as our High-phosphorus EN, but is highly desirable where a bright and decorative corrosion resistant coating is required for mild environments such as indoor use or protection from personal handling. In some applications the use of Micro Plating Electroless Nickel allows the substitution of less expensive materials as a low cost alternative to hard to machine or stainless steel alloys.


  • Very smooth and even coatings can be achieved, regardless of the geometry of the part being plated.
  • Great flexibility in plating volume and thickness
  • Provides good coverage in blind holes and recesses
  • Provides uniform plating thicknesses over inside and outside surfaces
  • Heat treated deposits approach the hardness of hard chrome.
  • Provides low coefficient of friction
  • Bright deposit provides pleasing cosmetic appearance.