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MicroSlik (Boron Nitride)
FDA Approved and RoHs Compliant
Mil-C-26074, AMS-2404, RoHS compliant • All Coatings are FDA Approved and RoHS Compliant
MicroSlik BN is an electroless nickel composite process that incorporates Boron Nitride as occluded particles within a medium phosphorus nickel deposit. This unique process is designed to produce a consistent amount of uniformly dispersed Hexagonal Boron Nitride throughout the nickel deposit. Unlike topical coatings, the boron nitride particles are co-deposited within the nickel matrix so that as the surface wears, fresh particles of boron nitride are exposed.

MicroSlik BN deposits provide a very low coefficient of friction in wear applications without the reduction in hardness experienced with EN/PTFE composites. Unlike the EN/PTFE composites MicroSlik deposits can be heat treated to 800 VHN producting an extremely slick, abrasion and wear resistant coating.

MicroSlik is a hard, uniform metalic coating that can be applied to most metal substrates including carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum and copper alloys to provide a wear and corrosion resistant surface. It is especially useful in extending the life of light metals such as aluminum alloys.

Deposit benefits include exceptionally low coefficient of friction, superior release and excellent wear resistance. MicroSlik BN is ideal for applications that require the lubricity of EN/PTFE depositis, but need improved resistance to wear under heavy loads. Also unlike EN/PTFE deposits, MicroSlik BN coatings can be heat treated to attain maximum hardness for very severe wear applications. MicroSlik coatings typically contain 4-6% by weight of occluded boron nitride particles. Higher and lower particle inclusions can be obtained to match a specific application.

Deposit Properties
Typical Results
Physical appearance
Phosphorus content (wt%)
6 - 8 %
Boron Nitride (Hexagonal)
4 - 6 %
Hardness (VHN)
(as plated)
(heat treated at 400C/1 Hour)

500 VHN
800 VHN
Coefficient of Static Friction
< 0.1
Density (g/cc)
Melting Range

890 - 1450º
1630 - 2650º
Intrinsic Stress
Magnetic Properties
Slightly Magnetic
Advantages of Using MicroSlik
  • Dry lubricity works up to 1600ºF. Much higher than PTFE which is 550ºF
  • Excellent wear resistance
  • Corrosion resistance
  • High hardness, (as-plated hardness of 48-52 Rc can be heat treated to achieve 62Rc.)
  • 100% coverage with uniform thickness
  • Uniform coverage can be polished to a high luster
  • FDA approved coating can be used in baking or medical applications.
  • Allows use of easily machined or cheaper base materials.
  • Sightly magnetic coating
  • Perfect antidote to sliding wear with high hardness
  • Pharmaceutical tablet punches
  • Medical equipment
  • Stamping tools
  • Automotive applications
  • Packaging equipment
  • Adhesive machines
  • Spray nozzles
  • Any application that involves friction or sticky substances.