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electroless nickel & composite nickel - nickel/boron nitride

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FDA Approved, RoHS Compliant
Mil-C-26074, AMS-2404, RoHS compliant • All Coatings are FDA Approved and RoHS Compliant

"MicroLube" is an electroless nickel composite plating process. The sub-micron PTFE particles become firmly imbedded throughout the nickel deposit. This chemical plating process is specially designed to produce a consistent amount of uniformly dispersed PTFE throughout the nickel deposit in order to insure optimum performance in high friction and non-lubricated applications. This coating can be stripped from parts with no attack of the base metal. Components with complex shapes are especially well served since the process provides 100% coverage with no edge build-up! With a coating range of .00005" to .001" thick, the typical coating thickness of .0002" - .0003" is suitable for most applications.


MicroLube coatings provide very low frictional values far superior to conventional electroplated deposits. The wear resistance of MicroLube is very good in applications where sliding wear is involved and the load is mild and well distributed. In non-lubricated wear applications, deposits of MicroLube can increase part life by reducing friction. In plastic molding operations, the release and anti-stick properties of MicroLube are excellent, resulting in improved part quality and greatly reduced cycle times. Heat treating the deposit further enhances its wear and abrasion resistance.


The hydrophobic properties of MicroLube contribute to its corrosion protection. MicroLube coatings resist attack from oils, solvents and acids. In addition the corrosion protection of this coating is enhanced by the high phosphorus content of the nickel matrix. At thicknesses of 0.5 to 1.0 mil, salt spray resistance of 96 to 240 hours per ASTM B-117 can be achieved. Additional protection can be achieved when MicroLube is deposited over our traditional High Phosphorous Electroless Nickel to form a unique duplex coating that helps components resist corrosion, wear, sticking and galling.

- Coating is FDA Approved and RoHS compliant.
- Provides dry lubrication, reducing sticking and galling.
- Excellent for low load and high friction applications.
- Provides excellent mold release, eliminating spray releases.
- Coating is hydrophobic which helps resist corrosion.
- Coating can be heat treated for increased hardness.
- PTFE content can be adjusted for special applications.
- Uniform coverage, even on complex shapes.
- No expensive anodes, jigs or fixtures required.
- Coating can be stripped from steel and aluminum without damage.


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80-83% by weight

9-11% by weight

7-9% by weight

20-25% / volume
6.6 g/cm3

As plated
300-350 Hv100 (31-36 Rc)

Heat treated @550ºF, 2 hours
400-450 Hv100 (42-46 Rc)
Maximum Operating Temperature

Co-Efficient of Friction:
Wet (white oil)
.07 - .10
ASTM D-2714
.17 - .21
Corrosion Resistance:
ASTM B-117 Salt Spray

24 hrs

0.5 mil
96 hours

1.0 mil
240 hours
Thickness Control:
+/- 5%
Thickness Range:
.00005" to .001"

Typical Thickness
.0002 - .0003 thk